Ambassador Program

Thank you soul much for your interest in becoming a Madi Mandala ambassador! Here are some FAQs regarding this role:

What is an ambassador for Madi Mandala?

An ambassador is someone who loves, supports, uplifts and promotes the Madi Mandala brand & my art. They are typically influencers, artists, flow artists, dancers, etc. that promote Madi Mandala on their platform. They will have their unique code in their bio that allows customers to get 15% off their purchase on clothing, home decor, and swimwear only.

What do I get for being a Madi Mandala Ambassador?

Madi Mandala ambassadors will get a heavily discounted purchase code on clothing & home decor items and a unique code that will allow them to share with friends on any social media platform, and will receive 5% credit of sales that are made with their code. Ambassadors can also use their own code for purchases which doubles as a loyalty program.

Will I get free stuff?

At this time I am not in the position to give out free items. The ambassador program is setup to use a discount code to get their own Madi Mandala merchandise and share with friends on social media channels.

Will I get paid?

Yes. I have joined with Affliately to create personal codes which allow ambassadors to get 5% from each purchase made with their code applied at checkout. I will be sending you a personal registration link to create an ambassador profile with Affilately as soon as I've reviewed your application.

How do I become an ambassador?

If this sounds super fun & interesting to you, fill out this google forum application & submit it here for more details on the program.

Thank you for your interest in uplifting & promoting my art!